How to install ZaapTV™ GREEK in Samsung TV

How can i install ZaapTV™ GREEK in Samsung ?

1. Download the ZaapTV™ Samsung SmartTV App Zip file
(!B9M1lbwC!Q9W0zLHbGnrWGIX7tVFMvyl8mEsUEnFIZ1kO_IRKgRM ) .

2. Unzip the zip file and copy the folder with the name ZaapTV™ Samsung SmartTV App content to the root of the USB.

3. Now insert the USB device in the USB slot to the SmartTV. A popup willappear, cancel that(press return).

4. Press the smart hub key on you SmartTV remote control.

5. On the smart hub screen there is a ‘MORE APPS’ tab at the BOTTOM, click that.

6. The ZaapTV™ App will automatically be displayed on the ‘MORE APPS’ page.